As a Fitness coach and consultant I get asked time and again, how should I eat? What should I be doing when I’m not with you? To this I say “Take a deep breathe and CHILL, this is why we are here”.

As a Sydneysider I have become increasingly aware of the frantic lifestyle that surrounds us!Between drinks after work, workplace functions, “catching up with a mate”. These are all factors contributing to a much bigger issue without the won’t power! That’s right, the WON’T power, Not the WILL power! I came across this term a couple of years ago after reading a very insightful book by Jeff Olson titled, “The Slight Edge”. As personal trainers, fitness coaches and holistic lifestyle mentors, we see it time after time. People on diets that constantly remind you that they lack will power are usually suffering more from a case of won’t power. Will power is vastly overrated and usually ends in a result of a person creating a self-reward or punishment system. This will never end with you being in total control of your own strong mindful decisions towards a better lifestyle.

The most effective action to take for an average Joe looking at getting serious results in a total transformation from unhealthy to healthy is to hire a personal coach! But why is it that there is a constant battle to choose the healthy way instead of the unhealthy way outside of PT or gym time?


We understand that you invest in a coach to take the thinking part out for you.  But what if I told you that the answers that you are looking for, as to, what to eat and when are right at your beck and call,  (Listen to your trainer and implement).

It takes 21 days to break a habit according to the book “Psycho-Cybernetics”, first published in the 1970s. We all have to live our lives and part of living a healthy one is being social, not missing out on an opportunity to catch up with friends or work colleagues. So here are a few useful tips on staying healthy for the next time you’re out and about.


Don’t go to an event hungry!

I am sure you have heard health professionals advise you not to go shopping on an empty stomach, well the same applies here.

Try to eat a meal that contains high protein and polyunsaturated/monounsaturated fats. This will leave you feeling satisfied and steer you away from mindless snacking.

Keep drinking water

Keep water at hand for as long as possible. The more water you drink the more you will experience a full sensation. This will prevent you from eating extra-unwanted calories.

Cheat every now again

I myself am a fan of allowing a un ordinary meal to enter my body every once in a while! This does not mean every week or every occasion, but once in a while at a social gathering allow yourself to indulge in something you wouldn’t normally have but before you do make sure your equipped with more of the WON’T power and do not stuff your face.

Moderation is key, my advice is limit yourself to this four times in a year NO MORE.



 Fake it!

If you find that you have not yet mastered the art of saying a simple NO without falling into the peer pressure of social binge drinking, just fake it! An easy and effective trick is to head over to the bar nice and early and ask for a soda lemon and lime or if you don’t fancy soda, just add still water. This will most certainly send off the impression that you are “being social” and won’t have to deal with snarky remarks.

Drink slowly and be mindful of the type of alcohol you’re consuming

If you just can’t resist a drink or two then make it your mission to be overly aware of the time frame in which you are consuming your drink of choice. If you were to choose a type of alcohol, I would highly recommend sticking with spirits and as they are lower in calories and get rid of the soft drinks. Soda water is a great exception for an alternative to coke or other sugar refined companions.


At the end of the day alcohol is cheating! Just as mentioned with food if you are going to drink alcohol at a social gathering or last minute catch-up, then this is still considered as cheating.

So the next time your at an event be sure that you still have a few get out of jail free cards in your back pocket. Four cheat gatherings a year should be more than enough to keep you social so don’t use them all at once.


Christian Sencion

Founder of Innovative Health Training Centre