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Paul Mcjannet

I have now lost almost 40kg in total.  I have gone from a 42/44 waist to a 33/34 waist.  I have gone from an XXXL Tee to a L/XL in a Tee.  I have lost over 10% body fat so far.  I can now walk up the stairs at work to the 3rd floor without feeling like i am going to die.  I NEVER get the lift at work anymore.  I can see the muscles in my legs and arms and the more they grow the more i want to train.

October 2013

Daniel Brook

October 2013

Luke Warburton

October 2013

Kiarma Sheedy

October 2013

Damian Kennedy

After making many lifestyle changes and finally sitting at a healthy weight for the first time since my teens I thought I would finally feel the confidence that I always wanted to have when it came to my body. Unfortunately this was not the case. That was 7 Months ago...

Now there is no turning back! I have Arben from Innovative Health to thank for that!

Since I began training with Arben in April 2013 I have not only achieved my goals, but exceeded them… And no one is more surprised than myself. This summer, you will not find me at the beach with my shirt on because i am ashamed of my body. You will find me there standing with confidence with my new found muscular V Shaped frame. Something I had always admired on other guys!

Arben's approach to my program has been has been smart and sensible. He has been my guide to achieve fantastic results in a short period of time, but most importanlty doing it correctly so they are long lasting.

I cannot recommend training with Arben highly enough. His motivation and focus on your goals will push you to your limit, but when you look at yourself in the mirror and see the result you will come to love every minute of it of every session with Arben Hizo from Innovative Health.

Amal De Silva

Since training under Christian’s guidance the results have spoken for themselves.  The effort he puts into tailoring each one of my sessions to focus on my individual goals is clearly evident. Obviously, making the choice to do something about your fitness requires more than the limited time I spend with Christian every week, but his seemingly endless knowledge regarding nutrition, and training techniques, motivate me to push myself further, and to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve my goals.He has exceeded my expectations of what I thought a personal trainer can do for me. I feel extremely lucky that I came across Christian, and appreciate all the work he has put into making my past, and future goals a reality.

Nate Guerin

I've been training consistently with Christian for 15 months; over this time Christian has tailored programs and engaged a variety of dynamic training techniques to enable me to meet my goals effectively. Working with Christian has greatly increased my strength and resistance inside the gym and improved my overall well being and self-confidence outside the gym. Despite the early mornings and the pain, Christian’s passion for fitness and training is infectious - I thoroughly enjoy every session and love seeing the results.

October 2013

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