With the influx of superfood smoothies and green juices many are left with the question, juicing or blending? Which one provides more health benefits?

And the answer is BOTH and I will tell you why. Juicing and blending both provide many health benefits when on your journey to a healthy and holistic lifestyle.


Juicing vegetable and fruits provides your body with a fast boost of nutrients. Our bodies do not have to digest a large and sometime impossible amount of fiber to gain all the nutrients. Imagine sitting down to 5 or 6 kales stalks, a couple carrots, a cucumber, some lemon and a nice big chunk of ginger… doesn’t sound so appetizing when all these vegetables need to be consumed in one sitting! The vitamins and minerals that we receive in fresh juicing are easier for our bodies to digest and therefor our bodies don’t have to work as hard to get them. We are also consuming a larger amount of vegetables and fruits than one might usual consume in a day. Although when juicing you do have to be mindful of the amount of fruit you juice, as the juice is absorbed quickly, the sugar from the fruit will enter the blood stream spiking blood sugar levels. Its best to stick with minimal fruits in your juices, any fruit is great mixed with leafy greens but its best to stick with apples when adding other vegetables.


 Blending uses the whole vegetable or fruit rather then extracting the juice. Blending breaks the fiber apart making it easier for us to digest but unlike juicing its provides the whole fruit or vegetable. This gives a slow and even release of nutrients rather than a quick boost. When blending we tend to feel fuller because we a getting the entire contents of what we are using, which makes smoothies great fore breakfast or a snack.



 When juicing or blending its important that the vegetables and fruits we use are not being heated during the process of extraction or braking down of fiber. It is sometimes worth spending the extra money in a high quality product that will last you longer and provide you with quality nutrient dense juices or smoothies. Cold press juicers work best as they press and squeeze the juice from the vegetable and fruit.  When blending you want a product that will do the job quickly and gently while not heating up.