There is a misconception in society that being skinny or thin means that you are fit, healthy and strong. Sure, the more you exercise and the better your nutrition is the better you will look. But do not be fooled by the skinny poster boy or girl that we see as advertisement for fashion companies, as this does not by any means define fit and healthy.

Looking great and feeling fantastic should be your main motivator within your overall fitness goals BUT, we need to be realistic about what your willing to do to get there and what your body type will allow. You need to search for sustainability, functionality and what I like to call DEEP HEALTH.

A person should not be so overweight that their health is suffering, especially with diabetes, heart disease and joint/back issues. And on the contrary an underweight person should not have to suffer from diseases such as arthritis, brittle bones and depression. I am a fitness professional who wants individuals to be empowered through fitness and health. And the way to achieve this is by living a fit, strong and healthy life inside and out.

So how do we find this happy medium? How do we look and feel good at the same time while eliminating this very misconstrued concept of striping your body of vital nutrients and minerals just for the sake of what society deems to be fit and healthy?



1) Move and expend energy everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes. Whether it’s lifting heavy objects or performing bodyweight movements all you need to do is expend the amount of energy for your desired goal.


2) Eat the right foods and listen to your body! We don’t all have the same goals and visions for our bodies, how we want to look or feel, so why would we all eat the same way?


3) Rest and love yourself enough to focus on your own personal growth and development. Get optimal sleep (6-8 hours per night).

Focus on a vision for what you want your health to look and feel like and once you do you will empower yourself with all the tools needed to move forward in every other aspect of your life that is important to you.